Seminary and Missions

Seminary and Missions

Grow Your Spiritual Life

Do you want to understand God at a deeper level? Do you want to be able to speak about His greatness with confidence and vigor? Columbia International University can equip you with essential and advanced knowledge of the Bible, showing how we should live our spiritual lives effectively in His name. Your degree from CIU tackles courses on apologetics, ministry studies and Bible exposition with a deep dive into ethical values, as well as studies in the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

At CIU, you will learn biblical truth. The Bible will be your main source with other supporting materials such as commentaries and scholarly books that further interpret and discover what the Bible teaches.

In these programs you will:

  • Discover a deeper relationship with God. One in which you will grow through Him and with Him
  • Analyze different forms of text from Hebrew to Greek, learning to translate them effectively and blending hermeneutics and apologetics to get the information needed for your studies
  • Explore the potential of ministry and seminary. Learn about how churches grow, as well as effective forms of outreach

Seminary and Missions Degree Programs




Benefits of a CIU Seminary and Missions Degree

  • Surround yourself in the Word: Everything you learn and take in will be based on and supported by the Bible
  • Global Impact: The potential of outreach and ministry is limitless. Through this degree, you will learn the most effective ways to reach people
  • Networking Opportunities: You will increase your marketability and gain a professional network that will help you in your future ministry career
  • Transfer-Friendly Programs: From any college, from anywhere you are at, we provide transfer-friendly programs that allow you to enroll from where you left.